Science and Technology in Agriculture

About the agricultural laboratory
Recently established "Plant Factory"
Taiwan has a very good advantage in developing plant factories. This is the result of many years of research and development in science and technology industry. Agriculture has been an indispensable industry  for many years and it will still be in any near and far future. The company combines LED technology with traditional agricultural products, aiming to produce leafy vegetables and Chinese herbal medicines. The result are  high yeald, non-toxic and pesticide-free agricultural products.
As our economy is taking a new form from a manufacturing economy and now turning into a service industry, a decline in Taiwan's agrculture working population is inevitable   and it has increased sharply in the most recent years, this comes with a combination of air pollution, water pollution, soil salinity, heavy metal pollution in the soil and the population worldwide is increasing agriculture research is looking for a second green revolution to feed the world
Plant Factories combine agriculture and technology to produce vegetables in large quantities, with an increasing market and massive space for development in the following yhears. The efficiency of a full environmentally controlled  plant factory technology comes with no degradation on soils, no harm on the environment; which is an excelent alternative to produce all sort of vegetables and Chinese herbal medicine. 
23 October,2018