About Eagle

Eagle Metal Manufacture Co., Ltd. was established in 1989, has gone through some transformation and business expansion.From 1994 to 2010 primarily furniture hardware and general metal hardware maker. In 2008 our business started to increase, we started to increase our line of products getting into new markets step by step, to be an OEM authorized supplier of global internationalization group. We provide a complete integrated service from the beginning of material purchasing, mold design / manufacturing, steel processing, powder coating to assembling and packaging. Our goal is to deliver quality that surpasses the customer’s need, which usually demands molds with superior quality. Therefore, Eagle Metal decides to invest its own CNC machines. With 17 years of developing and OEM manufacturing experience, we have satisfied our customers with our machine’s quality, reliability, and service, Eagle Metal decides to invest further and promote our brand to worldwide. Our vision is to be a part of global industrial foundation, providing our customers reliable tools to manufacture better products. Nevertheless, our core values as accountable, integrity, and honesty have remained unchanged through all this years.

Headquarter : Taichung City, Taiwan

Facility : 4,630 m2

Functionality :

Sales / Finance / Administration Support Dept.
Research & Development Group
Measurement & Testing Center
International Sales Office

Major Services

Die Casting / Stamping / Plastic Injection / Plastic Thermoforming / Customized Metal 2 nd Process / CNC Milling & Lathing

Factory : Shengang Factory Site

Facility : 16,710 m2

Functionality :

Main Factory in Taiwan on Satellite Dishes, Components & OEM for Car Industry Employee : 225 people


  • Supply of 70%

  • Follow IATF
    16949 :2016

  • 0 Refund Rate

  • High Production

  • High Speed of

  • Competitive Price

  • Research &

  • Market Innovation
    & Strategy

  • Strong Customer

  • Major Services

  • Die casting / Stamping / Plastic Injection / Customized Metal 2nd process / CNC milling & lathing

  • Major products

  • Satellite Antenna Division Satellite TV antenna Kit ( DirecTV ) / Furniture Accessories Division External accessories Car Accessories Division External accessories / CNC Machine Division Custom machine / Others Plastic / OEM