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About Us



         Founded in 1988, Eagle Metal started manufacturing furniture hardware in Taichung,

  the most resourceful industrial city in Taiwan.

  With president FC’s solid knowledge of metal processing and mechanology,

  the company moved beyond manufacturing hardware for IKEA,

  begins to design and distribute its products to U.S., Australia, German, Denmark,

  and Japan. Our TV stands, wall-mounts, and the most selling product by that time,

  PC work desks had reached 30 million USD annual sales in 1995 and moved our factory

  to ShenZhen Guangdong. In China, with 1000 employees and a strictly enforced quality

  control, Eagle Metal has been the head of PC work desks for a decade.

  With the declining demand of PC desks after 2008,

  Eagle Metal has changed its strategy and product line from

  house furniture to consumer and industrial products. Led by the successor CEO James,

  Eagle has established a firmly business relationship with DirecTV in 2010.

  Other than the old factory in China, new stamping and packaging factories

  were built in Taichung for DirecTV to meet its superior demand of quality.

       Our annual revenue growth has been over 300% since 2012.

  By 2017 Eagle Metal has achieved more than 150 Millions sales.

  In the rapid changing world in 21st century, Eagle Metal is not content as it is now.

  Intelligent and automatic production is Eagle’s latest goal to provide

       more than just satisfaction for our clients.